American Airlines is CANCELLED...

American Airlines is CANCELLED...

        One of the top three most annoying things ever is being inconvenienced by someone else, especially if your time is involved. Its mainly annoying because its beyond our control and  absolutely nothing we can do. We only have two options in those type of situations; stay annoyed and angry or have a positive attitude. 

        Last weekend I had to go to New York for a business trip. I was expected to return home Sunday evening but due to American Airlines unprofessionalism, lazy employees and lack of urgency I didn’t arrive home until midnight. For starters, my original flight was scheduled for 1:35 p.m. but due to a preventable issue my flight was canceled then changed to a connecting flight for 5:10 p.m. that stopped in Virginia. Keep in mind, I was at the airport since 11:45 a.m. waiting patiently, trying to stay positive so I could just get home. I get to Virginia and my next flight is also delayed due to their poor scheduling. We finally get on the plane but have to wait for “supplies” (snacks, drinks etc..) that took about 30 minutes and it never came. So now my second unexpected flight had been delayed and there weren’t  any snacks or drinks. That part was the icing on the cake.

        I spent my Sunday in two different airports and now I’m traumatized thanks to American Airlines. The situations were all preventable, all AA did was inconvenience us more and more. The entire time I just prayed to get home safely and I did. For the most part I kept a positive attitude because I realized staying angry and lashing out  would take entirely to much energy, energy that I could use to put back into my brand ( and I didn’t even cry lol) . Lately I’ve been working on my patience dealing with unforeseen circumstances, it’s safe to say that I passed the test! We need to see things and situations in a positive light to make our lives happier. In order to get that positivity, we need to be patient.




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Have you spoke to AA directly I’m pretty sure they will compensate you for the situation. Never let an airline get away without compensation.

Love You

Leo Getz

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