Are You Doing Enough to Get Better, Or Enough to Get By?

Are You Doing Enough to Get Better, Or Enough to Get By?

      For the past few weeks I've been waking up feeling unsatisfied with my life. Not like a depressing unsatisfied, but more of an unsatisfied because there is so much more I want for myself. I really do aspire to be truly wealthy, billionaire status to be exact, with financial stability and wanting for nothing. Thats always easier said than done, though.

      Just like everything in life, becoming a billionaire takes time. It's a process that requires a lot of time, energy, creativity and action (A LOT). Last week I realized I hadn't received any orders recently and things were really slow. Instead of engaging in all the negative thoughts that were going through my mind, I reevaluated myself and the "work" that I've been dedicating towards the brand; realizing I wasn't doing enough. The world has no clue of who I am and what I have to offer, so how can I expect anyone to visit my website, read my weekly blog post or even shop with me if I do not do my part in marketing myself.

     I admit that I've been kind of lazy when it comes to LadynPink, I've honestly only been doing enough just to get by. However, instead of dwelling on the flaws and being discouraged, I decided to work harder because I know just getting by and being average doesn't even make hundreds, let alone billions. A part of my laziness, is a lack of timing and scheduling. I'm the only Lady handling all operations right now, it's a lot but this is also what I asked for. I don't have my dream team just yet, but turning dreams into reality doesn't happen overnight. Despite all of the missing pieces, I've been working on a few upcoming projects that can really take the brand to the next level with the right amount of focus and discipline. Its all about putting the plan into motion! 

      I have taken the necessary actions to evaluate myself and I've identified the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve my goals, its simply about putting the plan in action and staying focused. I admit I was at a point where I was content and comfortable with where myself and my brand were, but like I said in my last post: the real bag is too big for our comfort zones!

Next time you feel content with your life, ask yourself: "am I really doing enough?"


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