A Vision Without Action, Is Merely A Dream

A Vision Without Action, Is Merely A Dream


This past week I realized that its easy to WANT to change your life but DOING it is the "hard" part. Ironically, doing it is the only way you can see the results. We can't change our lives from our beds while scrolling through our favorite influencers timelines; we can want to, but its logically impossible to do. Lining up our energy properly with what we desire and applying action is the only way to achieve a change. 

Personally I feel many of us don't take action to bring about change because we don't believe in ourselves. We're scared of being uncomfortable. Self-doubt is one of the largest inhibitors of growth. LadynPink is something I've thought about for the past two years, certain it was what I wanted to do, but unsure if it was something I COULD do. Now, here in 2018 I'm finally taking action. During those two years I experienced a lot of self doubt, questioning my life's purpose and dreams. It's crazy because all you need is a little bit of faith, in yourself if nothing else, to really begin to tap into the wonders you're capable of. 

We are all capable of a limitless power yet, most of us are using merely a fraction of it. Being content is easy and its very comfortable, but does the pleasure of being comfortable feel better than the pleasure of achievement? How can you want success and wealth while being content? I truly love seeing my friends and people taking advantage of the time their being given here on Earth, fulfilling their purpose. Whatever it is you want to do, don't let the fear, self-doubt and contentment take that away from you. We can literally do anything we put our minds to with focus and determination. We are the captains of our souls and the masters of our fate. You have the power to make the change, what better time than now?







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I literally have this conversation with myself and others all the time!!! It is so easy to lay back and do nothing and say you want to be successful! But what does just dreaming about it get you? Nothing, wasted time, and discouragement! It takes true effort to actually get up and do something about it! But in the end, the feeling of achievement is like no other… it’s just hard to do…. I struggle with this everyday… it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to working on your dreams

Olisna Derisma

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