The Recipe

The Recipe

     Remember when we were younger, dreaming about how successful and wealthy we wanted to be? We imagined ourselves wearing the finest clothes, driving the most luxurious vehicles and traveling to the most beautiful places. Well, here we are some 20 years later and the opportunity has never been greater! Its easier said than done though. We have the image of what we want to be and do, but a vision without action is merely a dream. As I mentioned in last week's post, consistency, focus and discipline are three of the major factors in achieving anything.

      I remember last year around this time I felt empty, like I wasn’t doing enough with my life. I got tired of waking up, going to work & school everyday, living the same boring life. I said to myself how much I wanted to do something different everyday, but just saying it wasn't enough to bring about a change. The lesson I learned from this was that complaining gets you no where, it does nothing but breathe more bad energy into your atmosphere. We were born with the potential to be great in life, its up to us to tap into it and use it! We do not wake up everyday for no reason, take advantage of the time being given. Contentment is the number one inhibitor of growth, if we're fine with being average and doing average we will forever be and do average things. However, when we wake up and realize that the dream we have is a vision waiting to be brought to life, and begin to dedicate our time and energy to elevation, the manifestation will be nothing short of amazing.

     Why is being focused, consistent and disciplined with ourselves such a struggle when we’re the ones who reap the benefits from such investments? In 2018, my focus is being redirected to investing in myself. I’m tired of saying I want to be successful and wealthy while changing the world. I want to SEE the results of me doing so. Although, at the moment I am a one-woman team, I still am working hard at building my business and brand. I am in charge of every intricate detail and every bit of effort that goes into it. Though it may get overwhelming sometimes, each new Lady that I reach is confirmation to myself that my dream is gradually becoming a reality. As I continue to better myself and elevate, I hope to empower women worldwide to do the same. There is no dream you cannot achieve if you put the work in to achieve it.

      Whatever it is you want to accomplish in life, whatever your dream may be: be focused, be consistent, and be disciplined enough to know that what you're doing will pay off!




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