Hindsight Is Always 20/20...

Hindsight Is Always 20/20...

      Loss of focus is one of the biggest contributors to the downfall of a successful person/business, and falling off is one of my biggest fears for my brand. I didn't want to start something that I wouldn't finish, leaving myself looking like a flop. But that's all I could picture last week as I laid in bed, suffering from sickness, and trying to nurse myself back to good health so I wouldn't miss out on any business opportunities. As much as I tried to write and research for the brand, I just couldn't. I had to face the fact that I have to take this time to get healthy. I had to refocus on living, rather than forcing myself through all the pain I was experiencing just to be present in my brand.

     On May 23rd, while at work, I started to get this weird feeling in my body. But me being myself, I didn't think anything of it and kept working. The next few days I noticed that this feeling was getting worse so I began to take all types of over the counter medicines but nothing seem to be working. It wasn't until Memorial Day that I decided it was time to go to the doctor because the pain had become overwhelming. I sat in pain for 4 days, thinking that going to the doctor would solve all of my problems immediately, but of course it didn't. I had an infection that had me feeling like I was literally dying. I couldn't sleep, I suffered from all of the side effects from the three medications I was prescribed, plus I didn't want to eat anything besides popsicles and drink ginger ale. 

      Despite everything I went through, there was a lesson involved. During this standstill time I was able to talk with God, being reminded of the person I'm destined to be and the journey that I'm currently on. I hate using the "I'm human and make mistakes" excuse, but its true. I often fall into the temptations of my flesh when I know it isn't the right thing to do. Prior to me getting sick I made a few wrong decisions and I feel as though this experience was a warning to what could come if I didn't get myself together quickly. We can't expect to have a different life and experience success if we're still making those same decisions we made in our "old life." I honestly feel as if I was given a second chance to get it right, a chance to start trusting my intuition and making the best decisions so I can live my best life. Temptation will always be present and seems to be the strongest when you're elevating your life. However, the reward for remaining focused and resisting the temptation will always outweigh the pleasure of giving in!




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