Pefectly Imperfect

Pefectly Imperfect

       Life really has its ups and downs. The beginning of last week was very interesting to say the least. I got thrown a lot of curveballs but not once did fold or act out of character. Ever since I got back from Europe, I've been in this "God Got Me," type of mood. I literally felt like no weapon formed against will prosper and it didn't. In the end everything worked out as I figured because like I said: God got me. 

      However, Sunday's turn of events... completely different story. I was basically told by three people I love dearly, that I was a bad person. My initial reaction of course was to disagree, but after I reflected it made me wonder "am I really a bad person? I know I'm not perfect but I really do try hard to be." I wasn't able to come through on a few promises due my lack of time management which resulted in those people being angry with me. I believe I'm overwhelming myself with work, honestly. It has gotten to the point where I barely have time to come through for my own self.

     By now you all should know that I pride myself on being a true sagittarius woman, and one of our main qualities is being dependable. So you can imagine my feelings were a little hurt after being told that I was a "bad person." Although I didn't purposely miss the deadlines and was very apologetic for my actions, it still won't be enough to make up for what I've done (or didn't do to be exact). I truly want to learn from this and try to be more accommodating to others without adding more to my work load than I can bare. But you know what...God got me, so I know everything will work out eventually. Its important to remember that no matter how pure our intentions are, we are still human and mistakes will be made. The judge of character is not in success or failure but how we react in the face of adversity. 




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