Pressure- It Either Bursts Pipes or Makes Diamonds

Pressure- It Either Bursts Pipes or Makes Diamonds

I'm pretty sure we've all experienced life's many curve balls, sometimes when we least expected it. This weekend I went out of town and lost my debit card as I was headed back home. I had the debit card with me all day up until I made it through airport security. If I wasn't trying to purchase a drink, I would've never noticed until I returned and had to pay for airport parking. To add to that, once I landed it took me nearly an hour to find my car in the airport parking deck. Life threw me two crazy curve balls on one of the longest days of my life but I didn't strike out!

Once I arrived back, I began looking for my car. I was exhausted from being on my feet all day and hadn't slept in a few days due to working overnight and just wanted to go home and rest but I could not find my car. I honestly wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and cry. I started to feel defeated, thinking about my lost debit card now my car, I was ready to give up. As soon as I started feeling that way, Future's "Codeine Crazy," began to play in my head; it couldn't have been better timing. The last verse began: "I know that you know I don't fold under pressure." Immediately I picked myself up mentally and started trying to motivate myself to do what I had to do to get where I had to go.

As I laughed through the trouble, I realized I was being tested by God. In the past, I've folded under the pressure of anxiety when given a curve ball. Swinging for the fences like I've never played the game before. Acting as if the world is against me and that its ending. However, I remembered that I am a Lady, and a Lady must always handle herself with class. Of course I was agitated and my anxiety was gradually increasing, but I didn't let that detour me from making the best of what had been a good weekend. I remained calm, keeping my focus on finding a solution to my current problem. Before I knew it, I had found the car and added a few extra steps to my daily pedometer goal. 

Although we can't control life's crazy, unexpected curve balls, we can control the swings we take at them. Everything happens for a reason and we can't undo the things that are happening. Once we start to feel pressure, the mind reacts one of two ways.The region of our brain responsible for executive functioning either becomes hijacked by fear, worry and nerves... Or it becomes heightened and decides to take control so we can to add value to ourselves and overcome the situations were placed in. I'm pretty sure If I would've given up I would have been looking for my car in the airport until it was time for my next vacation. We have to learn how to work well under the pressures of life, knowing that it's just one curve ball that we didn't expect and if we adjust properly, we'll crush it instead of striking out! 

- Milan 


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