Whats Meant To Be, Will Be...

Whats Meant To Be, Will Be...

     When I type these posts, I'm always speaking directly from personal experiences that I feel are relatable to the the people I intend to reach. However, as much as I've tried to stay away from this topic, I've been contemplating whether or not I should do a post about my relationship with the male species. Simply because I'm speaking about my personal experiences and I’m a very private person, especially when it comes to the "man" I'm dealing with. But I had to remind myself that my experiences could be of value to another lady, so its only right that I talk about it.

    I'm 22 years young and I've never been in a REAL committed relationship. Well for starters, I've only ever loved one guy since 2006 (still do) but this past year I realized that the love has to be given from a distance because he's just not good for me right now. I've accepted the fact that were still growing and learning more about ourselves; we just can't do it together. 

   Although, I've only ever loved one guy I've still interacted and entertained other guys throughout the years. Whats crazy is they all taught me something about myself, even though I don't talk to any of them anymore. They all loved me, not to sound cocky but seriously...they thought I was perfect. I remember one guy talking about marrying me, it scared me so I stopped talking to him instantly because he wanted something that I was far from even considering. How could I forget to mention that if I wasn't feeling a guy anymore I would legit disappear on him without hesitation. I now know that that's not the proper way to handle situations like that, especially when someones feelings are involved. This is the reason I am on a relationship hiatus, I'm working on myself in all aspects. Part of that includes learning from my past behavior and not putting myself in the same situations and making the same decisions. I'm over it, the games, lying, sneaking... I'm sparing myself so no one else will have to.

    I'm a true Sagittarius woman: all about her freedom and experiencing life to the fullest. That's why 2018 is my year, the year that the majority of my time and energy goes to myself. I tend to think of it as an experiment and I'm very eager to see where this experiment takes me. I don't want to date or get into anything serious with a guy right now because at this point in my journey they are distractions and don't align with my current energy. Us women have to put ourselves first, we can't love someone else if we don't love ourselves. "Mr. Right" will come along when its his turn to love me, but for now its MY turn! I'm enjoying this time getting to know myself and its starting to reflect in my life. My skin is clear, my hair is growing, I'm working out and building my brand all while experiencing life to the fullest! I'm aligning my life to where I want it to go. It's important to know who you are, because when you focus on you and bettering yourself, amazing things start to happen.  





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