"The Beauty of Life Is Not In Reaching The Destination, But In The Journey To Get There."

"The Beauty of Life Is Not In Reaching The Destination, But In The Journey To Get There."

       Over this past weekend, I had the pleasure of traveling to  Paris, France as well as London, England. Although my trip was work related, I was still able to tour the cities and experience the culture of each location. One thing a Sagittarius woman loves is an adventure; and I definitely had one! This trip has made me realize the importance of traveling the world and seeing all the wonders it has to offer. It also made me realize that we aren’t all that different even though we come from different parts of the world.

       As crazy as this may sound, I didn’t feel as if I were in a different country. I felt as if i was still in America but just in a different state. Of course I got lost a few times in Paris and ended up walking around searching for miles, but that was expected. Even the language differences weren't much of an issue because most people I came in contact with were able to communicate contextually. The first day I arrived, I got an Uber because its much cheaper than a taxi. Even with me providing the address to my destination, the Uber still managed to get lost and ended up dropping me off on the side of the road. I was near my location but it still wasn’t a good experience because I had absolutely no clue where I was supposed to be. Luckily, a couple of Parisians helped me. From that point on, I took taxis everywhere to be on the safe side. I experienced Paris as a tourist but wish I could’ve really done and seen more. I really enjoyed the Pizza and Frites (I was daydreaming about them as I typed this).

      London was the icing on the cake for this trip! I enjoyed London much more. It wasn’t because I could actually read and understand what was being said, but it was the culture that I fell in love with. It’s very fast paced out there; and beautiful. Of course I had to stop and ask for directions a few times, but the citizens were much nicer than those in Paris. I toured London like a tourist and got to hang out with a few natives that showed me how the everyday living is. I was living my best life in London. Eating fish and chips and watching British films. I plan to go back to London for at least two weeks to do and see even more of the beautiful country. Overall I truly enjoyed myself and am very grateful for the opportunity. There is so much beauty in the world for us to see and if you haven’t started already, you should definitely look into traveling the world. The beauty is not in making it to each destination, its about the wonderful things you see and learn while on the way there!




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