Something So Valuable, Yet So Priceless...

Something So Valuable, Yet So Priceless...

I'm sure we'd all agree that time and energy are two things you will never be able to get back. We can also agree that anything we are focusing on is receiving our time and energy; whether it be good or bad. With that being said, why waste something so precious?

This year I am really concentrating on where I dedicate my time and energy. In 2018, the Year of the Girl Boss, I've decided to soley focus on bettering myself in every aspect of my life. I began with self evaluation and then moved to evaluating my surroundings. Since beginning this evaluation, I've come to notice many things that were distractions and deterrents to the direction I wanted to go. In past experiences, I would find myself getting overly involved in situations that took up so much time and energy; time and energy that I could've been using for growth. I would allow myself to become overwhelmed with these situations which caused me to lose focus of myself and my plans.

It's important to note that I am not blaming the situations. I am accepting that it was ME! I devoted my time and energy to these things, which in turn, led to being detoured. I've grown so much in a short period but this is an area I still have to mature in: finding the balance. 

I know there are many of you Ladies who can relate. You may be in situations where you feel like you give so much of yourself to parts of your life and its draining. Imagine if you took that same time and energy and put it towards your goals and dreams, what would happen then? One thing I've noticed in every millionaire, is their focus and self discipline. They were all focused and disciplined on completing the goal they set for themselves in order to achieve their success. Consistency, focus and discipline are three major factors in achieving anything; lacking in all three reflects directly, especially in your personal life and business .

I have the focus and discipline to turn my dreams into reality, yet everyday I am learning how to be more consistent, especially when it comes to building my brand. It's not easy and sometimes I think I'm in way over my head. However, I always make sure to remind myself of the bigger picture. I've been investing so much of my time and energy into myself, growing and elevating day by day, that I know something good must come of it. Ladies, I hope to empower you all to dedicate your time and energy to being a better you! Who knows the heights you will reach!?





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Just followed you on Instagram and now reading your blogs… everything is so relevant and genuine! Growth, growth, growth! My Goal all 2018+!!!

Olisna Derisma

This is a really good reminder. Focus, self-discipline, and consistency. Want to make sure I’m hitting these things too!


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